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Pet Day Care

Group play and socialization for your pet during the day.

Daycare for your pet is the perfect solution for those times when you are busy running errands, having your house painted, or any occasion when your pet needs to be away from home for the day. It is also an opportunity for your pet to become accustomed to a different environment.

Your pet will have a fun-filled day playing, relaxing, and getting all the special attention it needs and deserves in a safe, supervised setting. Our daycare does not involve socialization with other pets — your pet will receive plenty of one-on-one attention and playtime from our staff members!

Scroll down for information on our Daycare Rewards Program.

Pet Daycare Hours

  • Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Pets will enjoy exercise three times per day, a treat, and tender loving care. Please call us for rates and to make a reservation.

Our Daycare Service is...

  • all inclusive* with no additional charges for special diets,  walks or playtime. * Small charge for medication administration
  • a wonderful opportunity to introduce a pet to the boarding environment
  • great for re-introducing a pet who hasn’t boarded recently

Bringing your pet in for a few sessions of daycare prior to an extended stay can:

  • Provide your dog with an exciting and stimulating environment
  • Help alleviate some of the excitement of first time or infrequent boarding
  • Gives your pet the opportunity to recognize different smells and meet/bond with the hotel staff
  • Most importantly, lets your pet see that you will be back to get them!

Regular Daycare Rewards Program

Any client using our daycare services on a regular basis can be part of this program. After paying for six daycare sessions, receive one free!

Call us at (724) 935-5827 today for more information.

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